Tómas Þorvaldsson GK 10

Type: Freezer trawler equipped for processing and freezing of fillets.
Built: 1992, Mjellem & Karlsen Verft A/S, Bergen Norway
Engine: Wärtsila, 3000kW, 4080hp
Gross tonnage: 2.372
Length overall: 66,9 m
Breadth extreme: 14 m
Power index: 58,8t
Categorization: DNV GL

“Tómas Þorvaldsson GK-10 has been catching and producing for Thorfish since 2019 and has already proven to be an extremely capable ship. The production deck is well-equipped with a fully automated packaging line”

Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson GK 255

Type: Freezer trawler equipped for processing and freezing of fillets.
Built: 1988, Flekkefjord, Norway
Lengthened and refursbished:
 Poland, 2014 (from 47,9m to 63,3m)
Engine: Deutz, 1850kW, 2.515hp
Gross tonnage: 1.344
Length overall: 63,3 m
Breadth extreme:  11 m
Categorization:  DNV GL

Hrafn Sveinbjarnarson GK-255 has been in our fleet since 1989. The ship was lengthened and refurbished in 2014. The hold capacity doubled and the production deck was completely overhauled in the process”

Type: Fresh fish trawler
Built: Gdynia, Poland, 2007
Engine: Yanmar 2007, 514kW, 700hp
Gross tonnage:  486
Length overall: 28,9 meters
Breadth extreme: 10,4 meters
Categorization: DNV

Type: Fresh fish longliner
Built: 1982, Norway
Engine: Callesen, 507kW, 690hp
Gross tonnage:  569
Length overall: 41,36 meters
Breadth extreme: 8,5 meters
Categorization: Siglingastofnun Íslands

Type: Fresh fish longliner
Built: 1974, Mandal Norway
Engine: Wichmann, 728kW, 989hp
Gross tonnage:  601
Length overall: 50,82 meters
Breadth extreme: 8,2 meters
Categorization: DNV

Vessels no longer being operated